Unconventional Advertising!

Plakkit Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based ‘street level' promotional/ advertising company. 
We have been operating in Melbourne for more than 8 years. In a nutshell - Plakkit provides promotional and advertising services for Melbourne's thriving music and entertainment industries, specialising in creative, cost effective street advertising and distribution of posters and flyers to stores, cafés and retail outlets across Melbourne.

Plakkit can

  • Arrange a National Campaign.
  • Be your ‘one stop shop for your printing and distribution needs'.
  • Print A0, A2, A3 posters and flyers.
  • Provide a comprehensive distribution service of posters and flyers to venues, stores, cafes and retail outlets across Melbourne.
  • Provide a street poster distribution service to over 200 sites across Melbourne Metro and Greater Melbourne.
  • Design, manage and execute ‘guerrilla ambush marketing campaigns' in Melbourne and on a national level. This includes: sticker runs, footpath stencils, coaster distribution, direct distribution.






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